SFWC handling large influx of baby opossums

Wildlife center in need of donations for opossums care

(Couresty: South Florida Wildlife Center)

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The South Florida Wildlife Center is handling a large influx of baby opossums and is in need of donations for their care.

SFWC officials said they have hundreds of baby opossums at their nursery.

Some of the opossums come to the center one or two at a time, but officials say they sometimes receive entire litters at once if the animals are separated for their mothers.

Caring for the species is an intensive, time-consuming process, as the opossums are hand-fed until they are big enough to eat on their own, and SFWC staff has to prepare specialized diets for the creatures.

To handle the large volume of baby opossums, the SFWC has called in specially-trained volunteers, but they are still in need of supplies, including:

• Plastic igloo-style hide-outs and small exercise wheels (such as those sold in the small animal section of pet stores)

• Linens

• Shallow feeding dishes (such as the tops of large peanut butter jars)

• Plastic Tupperware-style storage containers

The SFWC nursery cares for about 600 baby opossums each year.

Click here for information about how to donate to the SFWC for the animals' care or visit the SFWC's supply registry at Amazon.com.

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