Flamingo chicks disappear from Hialeah Park

45-50 chicks appear to have been stolen from park

HIALEAH, Fla. – Wildlife authorities are investigating after dozens of flamingo chicks at Hialeah Park mysteriously disappeared this week.

"I'm at a complete loss," said Hialeah Park Vice President Dennis Testa. "I've been distraught now for a couple of days."

Testa said the chicks hatched weeks ago, and now they're all gone.

"For 45 to 50 birds (and) only the babies (to) just disappear overnight is just totally perplexing to me," said Testa.

Testa took photos of the chicks Monday evening. He said after a windy storm that downed trees and ripped flags, the chicks were still doing fine. But the next morning they were gone.

"Tuesday we didn't see them at all," said park employee Eric Keys.  

"We see no signs of any carcasses or predator," said Testa. "We searched the whole lake, along the lake bank."

A wildlife investigator is on the case and suggests someone targeted and stole the chicks for the black market. He said they are too young to fly and too small to run. 

"I've been here since 1958 and I've never lost a bird," said Testa. "It's devastating to us. This is our history, our legacy out here. The birds have been here forever."

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