Thieves steal A/C unit from Miami woman on fixed income

Local 10 News viewer donates brand new A/C unit

MIAMI – A Local 10 News viewer made a generous donation Tuesday night to a 76-year-old woman after someone stole her central air-conditioning unit.

Lois Summers told Local 10 News that she lives on a fixed income and couldn't afford to buy a new one.

"I went to turn it on, and there wasn't no air," Summers said.

The 76-year-old widow said someone burglarized her home and stole her A/C condenser.

"What can you say and what can you do?" Summers said.

To get by in the hot South Florida summer, Summers was sitting in her living room with two fans, which only blew back warm air because her windows were sealed shut for security.

"Yeah, I'm warm, but most of the time I sit over there under the fan because I don't have the air conditioning going," Summers said.

Her neighbor, Alan Murphy, said he was overtaken by the heat.

"It felt like it was 100 degrees inside," he said.

That will soon change. A Local 10 News viewer saw her story and decided to help.

"I saw she needed an air conditioner, and I had one, and I said, 'Hey, this is perfect timing, so I gave (Local 10) a call,'" viewer Bill McGuire said.

Summers was thankful for McGuire's kindness.

"I'm happy and I'm blessed, so it brings a little tear, you know?" Summers said.

Summers said she doesn't hold hard feelings toward the thief or thieves.

"Life goes on," she said.

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