Giant lobster caught off coast of Miami

6 lb. lobster hauled in during recent mini-season

Diane shows off giant 6 lb. lobster caught during mini-season

MIAMI – With all due apologies to the B-52's, South Florida has a new "Rock Lobster."

A family participating in Florida's annual lobster miniseason celebrated by hauling in a massive 6-pound crustacean early Wednesday morning.

While far from being the largest spiny lobster on record (26 pounds), the lovely langostino that Matt and Diane showed off is certainly quite the catch.

No word on if the lobster, who was named Leo, made it to the dinner table -- as dinner.

The most recent mini-season that began just after midnight on Wednesday came to an end at midnight Thursday.

Thankfully, unlike years past, there were no deaths or injuries attributed to the lobster hunt.

The regular eight-month lobster season begins Aug. 6.

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