Contaminated tattoo ink linked to Miami area

Inks recalled July 22 by A Thousand Virgins Inc.

(Courtesy of Malissa Booth)

MIAMI – The Florida Department of Health is warning consumers about a possible health risk involving a brand of tattoo ink that the Food and Drug Administration said tested positive for bacterial contamination.

The inks, made by A Thousand Virgins Inc., were recalled July 22 and are labeled G1, G2 and G3, indicating the shade of color.

The inks are manufactured in Florida and, according to the FDA, contain harmful micro-organisms, including mycobacterium chelonae.

Health officials said anyone who receives a tattoo is at risk of infection, but people who are more prone to illness from tattoo inks are those with pre-existing heart or circulatory disease, diabetes or people with compromised immune systems.

Officials said consumers should monitor their tattoo sites closely and seek medical care if they notice redness, swelling, itching, bumps or blemishes in the area.

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