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Driver changes tire in middle of I-95

Unknown person stopped in middle lanes during rush hour traffic

HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. – Driving in South Florida rush hour traffic is hard enough as it is. Adding numbskull drivers to the mix only makes things worse.

Unfortunately, one such nitwit plagued the busy lanes of Interstate 95 on Wednesday morning.

In the middle of peak drive time, the unknown driver with a flat tire decided it was best to stop his car in a middle lane instead of pulling off to the side of the road.

It was then that the gentlemen risked his life and those of other commuters by getting out of the car and changing his front left tire.

The blockheaded maneuver occurred in the northbound lanes just south of Hallandale Beach Boulevard.

Thankfully, the driver left the site unscathed and all traffic tie-ups were brief.

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