Pile of puppies found in trash bag, left on side of road

Puppies recovering at Saving Grace and Her Furry Friends

DAVIE, Fla. – A trash bag full of puppies was found on the side of a South Florida road.

The puppies were found abandoned in a bag on a road near the Opa-locka Airport.

"This boy in Miami was driving home from work in the rain and saw a trash bag in the middle of the road, and it was moving, so he pulled over and saw that it was all full of puppies," Stefanie Miller, founder of Saving Grace and Her Furry Friends, told Local 10 News.

The puppies are now in Davie, getting the care they need by Miller and her animal rescue group. But the story gets worse.

"Somebody just took something and cut off their feet," Miller's mother, Faye Fogielgarn, told Local 10.

Two in the litter are missing a hind paw. Fogielgarn thinks this was done intentionally.

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"It is beyond my comprehension that somebody could hurt a living creature," Fogielgarn said.

Miller and her rescue group discovered the story on Facebook and stepped in immediately to help the poor puppies. They are currently providing veterinarian care and temporary housing, but more help is needed.

"It's not only for just these," Saving Grace and Her Furry Friends employee Larry Turkel said. "It's for all of them -- all of the unwanted puppies."

Meanwhile, Fogielgarn said she's just glad the puppies were found.

"I'm just grateful that somebody had the heart to stop and pick them up and do the next right thing so these dogs have a chance to have loving, forever homes," Fogielgarn said.

Anyone who would like to help the puppies in need can visit the rescue group's website for information about how to donate, foster or adopt dogs needing care.

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