All clear given after suspicious package found at U.S. Courthouse in Miami

1 person detained for questioning

MIAMI – One person has been detained for questioning after a suspicious package was found Tuesday morning at the United States Courthouse in Miami.

The incident was reported about 10:30 a.m. at 400 North Miami Ave.

A Miami Fire Rescue hazmat team and the Miami Police Department were at the scene investigating, along with federal officials.

According to authorities, the man was detained outside the breezeway of the courthouse by federal agents. They said he had a suspicious object around his neck and said he had left a bag inside the building.

Miami Fire Rescue spokesman Capt. Ignatius Carroll said an officer requested medical attention because he believed that the object around the man's neck may have exposed him to something harmful.

"The officer, while we were trying to get information, was experiencing some discomfort and wasn't sure if he was exposed to anything, so he was evaluated by paramedics at the scene and it was determined that he is fine," Carroll said. "There is nothing life-threatening to be concerned with."

The building was not evacuated as police brought a robot inside the building to test the package.

Authorities said the package and object around the man's neck were not harmful, but did not disclose the contents of the package or what was around the man's neck.

Traffic in the area and the metro mover was shut down for about an hour as authorities completed their investigation.

It's unclear whether the man will face charges.

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