Lightning blamed after part of tree falls onto car in Hollywood

Lightning believed to have also started fire in Fort Lauderdale

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Lightning Saturday is being blamed for causing portions of a large tree to fall onto a car in Hollywood.

The crashing sound woke Masood Mohamed from his afternoon nap.

"My baby started crying, and then after the storm finished we came out and we saw that," Mohamed said.


Portions of a large tree came crashing down Saturday in the 6100 block of Mayo Street in Hollywood. Neighbors believe it was caused by lightning.

"I hear one explosion and I see the fire close to my window," Minoska Silippone said.

"We saw it busted my car and I saw the door," Mohamed said.

Chunks of the tree came crashing into Mohamed's car, smashing the back windshield and denting the driver door. The tree also smashed into a wooden fence that separates the two properties.

"Think it was the debris from the tree exploded," Mohamed said.

Lightning is also believed to have started a fire in Fort Lauderdale in the 1400 block of North Andrews Avenue. Two people had to be taken to a hospital and one dog died in the fire. Firefighters were able to save another dog.

With storms moving all across South Florida, many are left in awe at what Mother Nature can do.

"He could've gotten hurt or someone else could've gotten hurt if they were there," neighbor Jayden Campbell said.

"It was amazing, though, to just come out and see that. Was kind of shocking to me," Mohamed said.

Crews from Hollywood Public Works are working to pick up the mess left by the tree, trimming what's left of it and clearing Mayo Street. It was still closed around 6:30 p.m. Saturday, but was expected to reopen later in the evening.

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