Friends, relatives welcome Cuban migrants to Miami

Migrants taken to Doral warehouse after arriving on Miami Beach

DORAL, Fla. – The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has taken in 12 Cuban migrants who came ashore Tuesday in Miami Beach.

The 11 men and woman have been checked out and are in good health after making the nearly week-long journey across the Florida Straits.

Sky 10 was above the scene at 17th Street on Tuesday as beachgoers gathered around the migrants and a dog as their small boat made of steel drums, a tree branch and plastic washed up on the sand.

The migrants told people at the beach that they were at sea for six days and the engine on the boat gave out two days before they arrived to South Florida.

Friends who also came from Cuba and relatives greeted the migrants Wednesday at the warehouse in Doral where they are staying.

Many offered to take the migrants in. A couple of people from Tampa told Local 10 News that they know one of the migrants and plan to take him with them to Tampa.

One migrant, Eduardo Manso, told Local 10 News reporter Glenna Milberg that while Cuba is a great place to live for those who have money, it's not for the poor. He said he came to Miami to look for work and a better life.

Meanwhile, the dog, Chiquitica, was taken in by people on the beach Tuesday. They said the dog is still a little frightened but is in relatively good health.

On Wednesday, the dog was quarantined to be checked out by veterinarians. The dog was given her shots and was reunited with her owner for the first time since they were separated on the beach.

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