Judge denies bond for youth baseball coach accused of molesting boys

David Solomon, 47, pleads not guilty to child molestation charges


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Broward County Judge Lisa Porter said she will not grant bond Friday for a man accused of molesting at least two 11-year-old boys who played on his Cooper City baseball team with his son.

David Solomon, 47, teared up when his attorney read a letter in court from his wife.

"Well, obviously we are disappointed (with the judge's decision), but we are not looking to win a battle here, we are looking to win a war," Solomon's attorney, Eric Schwartzreich, told Local 10 News reporter Todd Tongen. "They are very serious allegations. He faces life in prison but I believe he is innocent."

Solomon has pleaded not guilty to child molestation charges. Prosecutors said they were happy with the judge's decision to keep Solomon behind bard without bond.

"We agree with Judge Porter's ruling. She followed the law and we are pleased she did that," prosecutor Patyl Oflavian said.

According to arrest reports, Solomon touched the 11-year-old boys' genitals and buttocks while they played in the Cooper City Optimist League with his son.

Detectives said the sex acts happened in Solomon's car and at sleepovers at the coach's home.

Solomon's attorney tried to cast doubt on the allegations, claiming the boys made the story up because their parents didn't think they were getting enough playing time on the field.

One of the victim's mothers expressed her outrage by that claim as she took the stand Thursday.

"My son is scared to death of David," the woman said. "My son won't let his dad hold his hand or touch him. He won't let anyone but me around him."

Solomon was previously arrested on molestation charges in 2000 while working as a physical education teacher at Hialeah Gardens Elementary School.

In that case, Solomon and his attorneys claimed that the two boys, who were under the age of 14, were lying. One of the boys eventually recanted his claims, and the state dropped the charges against Solomon.

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