Miami Beach man accused of impersonating doctor, inappropriately touching nursing assistant

Howard Harlib, 62, faces charges of battery, practicing medicine without license


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A man from Miami Beach is facing charges after impersonating a doctor and inappropriately touching a woman who believed she was being hired as a nursing assistant.

Howard Harlib, 62, was arrested Thursday on charges of battery and practicing medicine without a license.

According to an arrest report, the victim, Antonia Pascal, saw an advertisement for a nursing assistant/home health aside assistant position listed on Beacon Hill Training Center's community board.

Police said Harlib identified himself to Pascal as Dr. Allen, and told her that she would be paid about $40,000 a year to help care for one of his patients.

Pascal told detectives that Harlib asked her several questions that made her uncomfortable, such as whether she would be uncomfortable if a patient masturbated in front of her or touched her breasts. He also asked if she knew how to take a patient's temperature rectally.

When Pascal questioned why Harlib was asking her those things, she said he told her, "Well, sometimes a patient can touch your breasts. Is that OK?" She said that he also told her that some patients would masturbate because they "can't help themselves," and that sometimes patients' temperatures had to be taken rectally.

Police said Harlib also asked Pascal to bring a pack of Kool cigarettes for his patient and asked her what type of clothing she would be wearing and what car she would be arriving in.

Despite her concerns, Pascal said she went to Harlib's home, where she believed she would be meeting with a patient.

Police said Harlib made small talk with Pascal before touching her breasts and pushing a thermometer between her buttocks over her clothing, claiming to be demonstrating the proper way to take a temperature rectally.

According to the report, Harlib offered Pascal Valium to help her be more relaxed and apologized when he saw that she felt uncomfortable after he touched her breasts.

Detectives said Pascal recorded part of her conversation with Harlib, which was turned over to authorities.

Police said Pascal had told Harlib that she had a 20-year-old daughter during their conversation, at which time he asked her if her daughter could fill in for her when she couldn't come in to work.

Police said Pascal informed Harlib that her daughter was not a certified nursing assistant and would not come in for her. Police said she then told Harlib that she was feeling uncomfortable and left his home.

Detectives said Harlib admitted to meeting with Pascal, but claimed that he only touched her arm.

According to the report, Harlib is on probation for the same charges from a previous incident.

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