Kids fall ill from heat after power goes out at Coral Springs High School

18 students treated for heat-related issues


CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – Students were let out of school early Friday after power went out at Coral Springs High School.

Students said they had been on the football field since 10 a.m., and said some of the kids began fainting from the heat.

A fight also broke out between two teenage boys, which was captured on cellphone video.

Broward County Public Schools said a triage center was set up in the school's gymnasium and that students were given water.

Coral Springs Fire Department officials said 18 students had heat-related symptoms and nine were taken to nearby hospitals.

Sky 10 was above the scene at noon as a girl was being taken into fire rescue truck.

BCPS spokeswoman Nadine Drew said power was going in and out and an FPL crew was trying to determine the cause of the problem.

The issue comes a day after 14 students fell ill from heat-related issues during an outdoor concert at the school.

Parents were notified about Friday's incident through the school district's ParentLink robocall system.

"At all times, the safety, health and welfare of students are the highest priorities," the school district said in a statement. "We appreciated the support of students, staff and parents during this situation."

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