Shocking bridge collapse caught on video

Hikers dumped into the water below, all injured

NEW ZEALAND – If you have always been antsy about crossing over rickety, wood-constructed suspension bridges, this certainly won't calm your nerves.

A video released on YouTube shows a group of hikers getting tossed into the water after the bridge they were crossing in New Zealand collapsed beneath them.

The French tourists, all of whom escaped unharmed, were walking over the bridge near Lake Waikaremoana on the country's North Island when it suddenly snapped.

All four fell almost 30 feet into the water.

The incident, which occurred in September, was caught on video and posted to YouTube by one of the hikers.

One of the hikers wrote her account of the ordeal, which was translated by Stuff.

"Arriving mid-walk we hear a muffled sound and before having the time to wonder what it is, I am projected into the emptiness, fatally accepting what will follow," tourist Effie-Belle writes

According to The Huffington Post, a follow-up investigation found that a manufacturing defect in one of the bridge's links had caused the collapse.