Man arrested for driving erratically in downtown Fort Lauderdale

Police call incident 'internal investigation'

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A man was arrested over the weekend in downtown Fort Lauderdale after authorities said he was driving in circles on Southwest Second Street.

A witness recorded the incident, which shows police blocking off the area as Sheldon Alexander Adderley, 36, circles up and down the street.

A police officer is seen approaching the car as it hops a sidewalk in the midst of people and businesses.

The video shows the officer shooting one of the tires and Adderley jumping out of the car and running away from officers. Adderley apparently forgets to put the car in park, and it slowly rolls into a restaurant.

Adderley eventually tripped and was taken into custody on charges of reckless driving, resisting an officer and aggravated assault on an officer and firefighter.

"He was showing signs of flakka," witness Bryan Wilson said. "He had a high energy and (was) tearing at his clothes, trying to run. I think 'flakka' was the culprit."

Adderley is celebrating his 37th birthday Wednesday. He has a previous arrest history in South Florida, including driving with a suspended license in 2013, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in 2011 and battery in a 1998 domestic violence case.

Fort Lauderdale police told Local 10 News that they are not commenting on the incident, because it is being considered an internal investigation. However, police said the video speaks for itself.

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