Leigh Felten arrested after selling sexual breast-feeding videos, police say

Florida woman accused of posting YouTube videos of her, 18-month-old boy 'for sexual purposes'

Leigh Felten is accused of selling sexual breast-feeding videos to a Wisconsin man.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A Florida woman was arrested Friday after she tried to sell sexual breast-feeding videos on the Internet, police said.

Leigh Felten, 31, of Tallahassee, faces several charges, including cruelty toward a child and promoting sexual performance by a child.

According to a Tallahassee police report, Felten posted multiple videos on YouTube of herself breast-feeding her 18-month-old son while they were both nude and rubbing baby oil on the both of them.

A lieutenant from the Crawford County Sheriff's Office in Wisconsin contacted the Tallahassee Police Department last week after a woman reported that her husband bought and downloaded seven videos of a woman breast-feeding her child. She claimed that the videos were purchased from someone named Leigh Felten and said her husband traveled to Tallahassee to meet Felten for sex.

According to the report, the videos had titles like "slip and slide," "baby love making" and "Mommies a whore."

The lieutenant who reviewed one of the videos said the woman straddled the nude child while rubbing baby oil on her buttocks and the boy, squeezing her breasts and rubbing them back and forth across his face.

"Based on the content, and the fact it is being sold by Felten, it is clear this video is for sexual purposes," the report said.

A Tallahassee police officer also found a Google+ account with the same email address as Felten's YouTube page. It had a June 12 post that read, "New unlisted vids for a donation. Please support a single mommy and email (email address omitted)."

Police said they served a search warrant at Felten's home Friday and found another video that shows Felten spreading her legs in front of the baby and rubbing her vagina against his chest as the boy breast-fed. Police said the video shows Felten picking up a dildo and shake her breasts in the child's face while smiling at the camera.

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