Woman gives birth on plane during 19-hour flight

Doctor on board delivered healthy baby girl

A plane bound for Los Angeles from Taiwan landed with an extra passenger that was not on board when the flight began.

Passengers were surprised when a pregnant woman's water broke just hours after the China Airlines flight departed on its 19-hour voyage over the Pacific Ocean.

According to the Huffington Post, the Taiwanese woman, who was eight weeks away from her due date, was returning to the U.S. after honeymooning in Bali.

The pilot requested an emergency landing and the flight was diverted to Anchorage, Alaska. However, the woman woman went into labor just before the flight touched down.

The flight crew assisted a U.S. doctor with the delivery as passengers looked on. Although the doctor thought the delivery space was a little cramped, she said the baby girl appeared to be healthy.

Mother and child were rushed to a local hospital in Anchorage after landing and the flight continued on its way to Los Angeles.