Scam alert involving debit, credit chip cards

Scammers pose as card issuer, send emails prompting victim to release personal information

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – As technology changes, scammers adapt. Federal regulators are warning about a new chip card scam.

Over the past year "Call Christina" has covered the new credit and debit chip cards, which are designed to reduce fraud.

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This new scam targets people who have yet to receive a new chip card in the mail.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, scammers are emailing people pretending to be the card issuer. The emails says that in order to get a new chip card you need to click on a link to continue the process or update your account with personal information.

WARNING: The scammers can use the personal information you provide them to commit identity theft. Clicking on the link could also allow the con artists to install malware on your device to steal personal information, monitor your online activity, cause your device to crash and commit fraud.


*The FTC says there is no reason a card issuer would email or call you to confirm personal information before sending a new chip card.

*Don't trust links in emails. Period.

*When in doubt, call the card issuer directly to confirm. You can find those numbers on the back of your current credit or debit card.

Click here to learn more about protecting you personal information.

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