Miami man accused of killing Chihuahua after argument with girlfriend

Ryan Gutierrez, 21, arrested on animal cruelty charge


MIAMI – A 21-year-old man was arrested on an animal cruelty charge after killing his girlfriend's aunt's dog, police said.

Ryan Gutierrez was arrested Oct. 16 after surveillance video linked him to the death.

According to an arrest report, Gutierrez had an argument with his girlfriend on Oct. 8 before dropping her off at school.

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Police said he returned to the woman's home and tormented her aunt's Chihuahua because he was angry with his girlfriend. Police claim that Gutierrez crushed the dog between a couch and wall, punched the dog in the face twice and threw the dog on the ground twice. Police said he also picked up the small dog by the tail and kicked the animal.

According to the report, surveillance video form inside and outside the home shows Gutierrez abusing the dog before placing the pet in his backpack. Police said he then drove across the street and threw the dog's corpse into a dumpster behind a business.

Detectives said Gutierrez confessed to the crime.

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