Police manual may provide answers in Corey Jones shooting

Officer Nouman Raja dressed in plainclothes, not carrying badge when he approached Jones

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – Since Corey Jones was fatally shot by a police officer along Interstate 95 in Palm Beach Gardens, the officer's actions have been called into question. Local 10 News has obtained the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department's policy and procedures handbook, which every officer is sworn to follow.     

Police said Jones, 31, was stranded on the side of Interstate 95 in Palm Beach Gardens on Oct. 18 when he was approached by Officer Nouman Raja, who was not in his uniform and was not carrying his badge.

What happened next is unclear, but Jones, who had a gun but never fired it, was shot and killed.

According to the Palm Beach Gardens police manual, officers are first supposed to advise dispatch of their intentions before conducting general traffic stops. They are then supposed to activate their vehicle's blue and red lights.

According to the manual, officers should approach the vehicle and "be continuously alert for suspicious movement and actions."

Officers are also instructed to carry their badge and official ID card at all times, whether on or off duty.

Three separate investigations are underway regarding the shooting.

"These investigations can take months. Our office is committed to transparency and we have shared pertinent information with the family and attorneys," Palm Beach County state attorney David Aronberg said.

Meanwhile, the Jones family is preparing for Jones' funeral, which is scheduled for Saturday in West Palm Beach. The Rev. Al Sharpton is expected to speak.  

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