Wedding picture photoshopped to include late son

Child who died of leukemia placed in special edit of family photo

(Brandy Angel Photography)

ATLANTA – Despite his recent passing, a bride and groom were actually able to include their late son in the family's wedding pictures.

Lake Bozman was eight when he passed away from leukemia in May, and his mother, Anna, was devastated to take pictures without him when she married her longtime boyfriend last month.

The New York Daily News said Anna Bozman Thompson asked a friend of hers to edit Lake into the pictures she had taken of her wedding.

Thompson's friend, Brandy Angel, also happened to be a photographer, whom the family had met through a non-profit organization that takes pictures of families with children who suffer from incurable diseases.

Angel was able to place a faint version of Lake into photos that included his brother and sister.

"They turned out (beautifully), and thanks to my amazing photographer, she was able to get some special edits done," Bozman told WSB-TV. "I needed this picture more than she or anyone could ever know."