Gator dines on python at Fla. golf course

Feast captured by club member took place at Naples resort

(The Classics Country Club / Facebook)

NAPLES, Fla. – It's doubtful that Disney would include this moment in an upcoming "Lion King" sequel, but one golfer recently caught an up-close look at the Circle of Life during a round on the links.

The Classics Country Club at the Lely Resort in Naples posted on its Facebook site an incredible nature picture of an alligator dining on a large python.

In the post, the club credits member Pat Aydellot for the photo, although Aydellot was playing on a different course at the time.

The club gives Aydellot a good ribbing in the caption, asking whether he could get a little closer to the feast next time so that the picture isn't so grainy.

WFTX in Naples spoke to Kathy Worley of the Conservatory of Southwest Florida who said the alligator was doing a good service by ridding the state of the invasive python species.

"Anything that removes one python from the equation - especially if it was a female, for example - is a good thing," Worley told the station.