Why your dog may be crime deterrent

Dog's bark helps scare burglars away


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Dogs are man's best friend, but they can also be a crime deterrent. 

Studies profiling criminals and a Department of Justice report have found dogs can scare away even the most hardened criminals.

Miami Beach police Officer Ernesto Rodriguez agrees. Even his little rescue dogs have a big bark. It urns out, that's what criminals hate.

"I didn't get them exactly as guard dogs," Rodriguez said. "However, the bark ... (has) proven to be pretty effective."

Just knocking at the door is enough to get Stella, 2, and Buddy, 9, worked up. 

"A burglar doesn't want noise, doesn't want any witnesses, so coming up to someone's door, coming up to your home and hearing all that attention is going to deter them," Rodriguez said.

Police warn that you can't solely rely on your family pet for safety. Once someone comes inside, dogs are often friendly to strangers. Experts recommend thinking of your dog as another tool in your crime prevention arsenal. 

Experts said you also do not need a dog of your own to reap the benefits. Police said neighborhoods where there are a lot of dogs means more people outside walking them, which means more eyes to keep criminals away. 

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