Business booming for beef jerky company Three Jerks Jerky

Miami-born co-founder finds success after 'Shark Tank'

Photo courtesy of Three Jerks Jerky.
Photo courtesy of Three Jerks Jerky.

MIAMI – Jordan Barrocas loves beef jerky. It's a good thing that's the product that consumes most of his time these days.

It's only been a month since Barrocas and his two-man company, Three Jerks Jerky, made its pitch on ABC's "Shark Tank." But after scoring a deal with entrepreneur Daymond John, who gave the team $100,000 for a 15 percent stake in the company, business is already booming.

"Our company is growing so fast," Barrocas said. "We expected to have good results, but this is beyond any reasonable expectation."

Photo courtesy of Three Jerks Jerky.
Photo courtesy of Three Jerks Jerky.

After earning a graduate business degree from the University of Miami, Barrocas said he started working in the footwear industry but was always interested in good food.

While clocking hours in the corporate world by day, his gourmet, filet mignon beef jerky was perfected late at night at his kitchen table. He and Three Jerks co-founder Daniel Fogelson wanted a snack that was easy to eat and made with simple ingredients.

"Literally, I had alarms going off in the middle of the night, every two hours, to check on it. None of us were sleeping. We were making jerky every night after work," he recalled. "The more we dug in and got into the weeds, we realized this could actually be a business."

Barrocas and Fogelson decided to incorporate as a business with the help of crowd-funding platform Kickstarter.

Soon afterwards, Barrocas saw an email that "Shark Tank" was holding auditions. With only a day to prepare, he went to the casting.

"We had to give a quick, one minute elevator pitch about the product and the company, and I did that. And the rest is history," he said.

Barrocas now spends his time between California, where the jerky is made, and Miami, where he works out of the LAB in Wynwood. He said he is slammed with work.

In the two years the team was in business before "Shark Tank," Barrocas said they filled a total of 4,500 orders.

After Shark Tank:

"We're now on our 24,000th order," Barrocas said.

He said having a good idea is just the beginning. The rest is hard work and trying not to eat the profits.

"I'll still open a bag and take a bite and that first moment - like, 'Oh my God, how did we make this?' I still have that feeling every time I eat it. Really incredible," he said.

A 2 ounce package of jerky costs $11.99 and is available online.

For more information about Three Jerks Jerky, click here.

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