Horse stolen from Redlands property

Thunder owned by Sandy Fobb for 15 years

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Thunder was more than a horse for Sandy Fobb, whose lifelong dream of owning one finally came true at age 43 when she purchased the stunning brown horse with the black mane and tail.

"He's a standard-bred gelding, big bay, 16 hands," Fobb said. "Anybody can just come up to him, pat him on the head and walk away with him."

But Fobb is living a nightmare now that her precious equine friend has been stolen.

"Wherever he is now, I'm sure he has no idea what happened in his world," Fobb said.

She believes the horse was taken from her property in the Redlands sometime between midnight and 7 a.m. Sunday. She went to her property around that time to feed her four horses as she does every morning.

"I see them all out here, and they came up to greet me and there was one missing this morning," Fobb said.

Upon closer inspection, she found two sections of fence had been sliced open. Thunder was nowhere to be found.

"It looked like a truck and a trailer had pulled up there and cut the fence and just loaded him up," she said.

Now Fobb said she fears Thunder -- the horse she's cared for the last 15 years -- is in serious danger.

"My worst fear is that he's already been slaughtered or awaiting that," she said.

Fobb said she hopes she's wrong and that Thunder is still alive. She hopes anyone who knows where Thunder is will have it in his or her heart to bring him home.

"If you see something, please say something, because we would do anything to have him safe," Fobb said.

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