Derek Medina chooses not to testify in Facebook murder trial

Attorneys deliver closing arguments in trial of man who claims he killed wife in self-defense

MIAMI – A South Florida man who claims that he fatally shot his wife in self-defense and then posted a picture of her body on Facebook chose not to testify in his murder trial.

Derek Medina told Miami-Dade County Judge Yvonne Colodny that he didn't wish to testify in his murder trial Tuesday.

Colodny reminded Medina that, by waiving his right to testify, the jury wouldn't be able to hear in his own words about what happened when he shot Jennifer Alfonso, 27, in their South Miami townhouse in August 2013. Police said Medina uploaded a photo of her body to Facebook after the shooting.

Closing arguments began later in the afternoon after the defense rested its case.

Assistant state attorney Leah Klein reminded jurors that Medina emptied the clip when he shot Alfonso.

"Every single shot hit her, because he was aiming and he wanted her dead," Klein said.

Klein told jurors that the evidence during the trial shows that the shooting was premeditated and that Medina had plenty of time for reflection after the shooting.

"She's lying on the kitchen floor, soaked in her blooded clothing, and he puts on fresh clothes before he leaves," Klein said. "He doesn't drop to his knees and say, 'Oh, my God. I killed the love of my life even though I had to. I need to get help.' Nope. Watch the video. He leaves calmly."

Defense attorney Saam Zangeneh told the jury during his closing arguments that Medina shot Alfonso in self-defense after she charged at him with a knife.

"The only thing you can come to a decision on is that this knife was in Jennifer Alfonso's hand," Zangeneh told the jury.

Klein also told the jury that Medina even had time to take a picture of her body.

"Why did he post that picture? I have no idea," Zangeneh said in his closing arguments. "It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, because it's not a who-done-it."

Medina faces life in prison if convicted of killing Alfonso.

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