FIU student pinned between cars while inspecting crash

Andrea Mirabal to undergo second surgery on legs

MIAMI – A Florida International University student underwent another surgery Wednesday after she was seriously injured in a crash on Monday.

According to a GoFundMe page, Andrea Mirabal, who is a former Miss FIU pageant winner and current President of the GlobeMed club on campus, was finishing up her Christmas shopping when she was involved in a fender bender near campus.

Loved ones said the anthropology major got out of her car to inspect the damage when a third car crashed into the cars, pinning Mirabal between the original vehicles involved in the crash.

Mirabal's boyfriend told Local 10 News that she broke both legs in the crash.

"Both her legs are broken and she does have open wounds, where her muscle and tendons are exposed," Jovan Polanco said. "As time develops and they go back in and see what is going on they'll be able to give us a clearer picture, but for right now it's kind of just up in the air and we're just taking things day by day."

Polanco said Mirabal's first surgery took five hours and her second surgery was scheduled for Wednesday on her left leg.

Mirabal's friends told Local 10 News reporter Jenise Fernandez that the student is financially independent so they are helping her raise money to cover her medical expenses.

"She's such an incredibly positive person and that's why it has impacted so many people, because of all the joy in who she is and how she brings people together," one of her friends said.

"So many people love her and support her…It's just so nice to see everyone get together and supporting her and you know, she is obviously going through a really difficult time," Mirabal's sorority sister, Ashley Valentin, said.

Mirabal remains at Kendall Regional Medical Center, and is expected to undergo months of physical therapy.

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