22 Cuban migrants come ashore in Florida Keys

Local 10 News viewer spots Cuban men in bushes near Key Largo


KEY LARGO, Fla. – Customs and Border Protection took custody of 22 migrants who arrived in the Florida Keys Friday from Cuba.

U.S. Coast Guard officials said the group of men came ashore at about 10 a.m. about three nautical miles south of Rodriguez Key, just east of Key Largo.

A Local 10 News viewer who provided photos of the migrants said she helped provide water and Gatorade to seven of the men, after she spotted them climbing through bushes while she was on her boat.

She said the men had been in a small boat for three days without food or water. She said they appeared to be in rough shape and were very thankful to have made it.

The migrants are being held at the Marathon Border Patrol station for processing.


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