Starbucks cashier busted for stealing credit card information

Customer forces cashier to admit theft on camera


LAKEWOOD, Calif. – An angry customer who believed a Starbucks cashier had stolen her credit card information confronted the woman on camera.

And the shell-shocked cashier openly admitted to the theft.

The video posted on YouTube begins with Elizabeth Becerra waiting in the Lakewood, California Starbucks drive-thru line with her brother, detailing what was about to happen.

The Daily Mail says that when Becerra approaches the window, the unidentified cashier hands her a coffee order. It was at that point that Becerra declares, "So we got you on camera yesterday at Ralph's for $212."

The 19-year-old cashier apologizes for stealing the information on New Year's Day, but Becerra keeps going, telling the girl to admit what she did.

"So what are you sorry about?  That you took ___ing money from me and my kids?  What are you sorry about?

The cashier, who also admitted to writing down Becerra's credit card number, pleads for her to not press charges, telling her that she's a "good child" and that she goes to school and plays soccer.

Strangely, the girl added that she swears on her life that she didn't get the money despite offering to repay Becerra the $212.

Becerra posted the video to her Facebook account and apologized for the vulgar language, but warned other Starbucks customers of her experience.

It is not known how Becerra was made aware that the girl had stolen her credit card information.

Although Becerra claims on the video that she filed a police report, it's not known if there is a current police investigation into the alleged theft.

*** WARNING:  Video contains graphic language ***