Police clear man with suspcious packages at postal office

Miami Beach reports scare on Washington Avenue as false alarm


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A man who set off a panic when he abandoned packages he was trying to send to an FBI office at the Miami Beach post office did not commit a crime, police said Thursday. 

The unidentified man walked into the post office wearing a long coat about 3 p.m. Wednesday. He was carrying a back pack and after making line he said that he wanted to buy stamps to send two clasp manila envelopes. 

When he couldn't get the stamps, he was angry, stormed out and left the two packages behind. Panic ensued when the postal workers noticed these were addressed to the FBI. 

Postal inspectors, Miami Beach police and fire rescue, the Miami-Dade bomb squad, Miami Fire Rescue and the FBI responded. 

Fearing there was a bomb, authorities closed Washington Avenue and 13th Street and evacuated the building. There was nothing dangerous in the envelopes, police said. 

Authorities found the man, whom they referred to as a"person of interest." And Miami Beach police said Thursday that he did not commit a crime and was "cleared." 


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