Trio arrested in SW Miami-Dade marijuana growhouse bust

Man claims he dismantled operation before any marijuana plants grown, police say


Three people are facing charges after police busted a marijuana growhouse in southwest Miami-Dade.

Jorlyns Castillo-Mahiques, 37, Jose Castro-Cala, 24, and Dorgelys Reyes-Leon, 33, were arrested Tuesday on charges of trafficking marijuana and possession of marijuana with the intent to sell.

Local 10 News learned that the group had arrived to South Florida from Cuba just two months ago.

According to an arrest report, detectives confronted the trio as they were attempting to enter the home at 13444 SW 181st Terrace.

Police said the suspects initially denied living at the home, but Castro-Cala eventually admitted that he lived there when detectives told him they had been watching the group going in and out of the home during a narcotics investigation.

Castro-Cala gave authorities permission to enter the home and spontaneously stated that he had a marijuana hydroponics lab inside, but had recently dismantled it because he thought that the police were watching him, the report said.

Police said Castro-Cala led them to a room, where they found a broken down hydroponics lab and two bags containing a half pound of marijuana.

Another broken down hydroponics lab was found in the garage, the report said.

According to detectives, Castro-Cala claimed that he had lost his job and had decided to cultivate marijuana to supplement his income. Castro-Cala said he was never able to fully grow any marijuana plants before he dismantled the operation, but detectives said they found evidence to the contrary.

Detectives said a calendar found inside the home showed that there had been at least four previous crops at the home in 2015.

All three suspects were arrested and taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.





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