Lamborghini catches fire outside South Beach valet

Overeager valet revved engine too hard

(Dragan Rakonjac)
(Dragan Rakonjac)

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – It may be time to think twice about handing over your keys to the valet outside your favorite South Beach restaurant.

At least if you own a high-priced sports car.

Witnesses captured the moment the red Lamborghini Aventador caught fire on the Lincoln Road mall right before the end of the year.  

It all started after an overeager valet attempted to burn rubber before parking the car.  Unfortunately, all he did was burn the nearly $400,000 automobile.

According to the Daily Mail, witnesses claim the unnamed valet revved the engine a little too vigorously, causing flames to burst out of the rear of the car.

The Random Pixels blog, which broke the story, says the incident occurred at the intersection of Lincoln Road and Michigan Avenue.

As crowds gathered to watch the Lambo burn, a man eventually retrieved a fire extinguisher to quickly put out the blaze.  

No word on the condition of the Lamborghini, or the future of parking cars for the valet.