Man accused of ambushing, shooting Miami Gardens officer appears before judge

David Mejia upset about not getting bond, tells judge his life was in danger

MIAMI – A man accused of ambushing and shooting a Miami Gardens police officer appeared before a judge Saturday.

Wearing a green suicide vest, David Mejia, 24, spoke straight to a Miami-Dade County judge after hearing the charges against him.

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"Sir, these are non-bondable offenses," the judge said.

"How does a kid who shot a church get a bond but I can't get a bond, man?" Mejia asked. "I practice my Second Amendment. My life was in danger by crooked cops."

Mejia made his feelings known about police officers a day after being accused of the ambush shooting of Miami Gardens police Officer David Starling as he sat in his patrol vehicle.

The shooting suspect held nothing back in a bizarre exchange despite urges from his public defender to stay quiet.

"Don't talk about the facts of the case, sir," Mejia's public defender said.

"How 'bout you don't talk? You work for them, Ku Klux Klan member," Mejia said.

"OK, sir, you should listen to your attorney," the judge said. "He's your public defender. He's here to protect your rights."

"I'm representing myself, ma'am," Mejia said. "I'm representing myself, ma'am, and I got a lawyer."

Mejia was upset about not getting a bond for his numerous charges, including attempted murder. He claimed that he was somehow the victim, but had no explanation as to why he thought so.

"Y'all got more blood on y'all than I got blood on my hands," Mejia said. "What about my little brother, Trayvon?"

Likely referencing the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, the judge sent Mejia back to his cell.

"He's mentally ill, clearly," the judge said.