Man pledges 'allegiance to Allah;' vows to dress up as Joker, kill boss, police say

Enrique Dominguez arrested late Friday on suspicion of aggravated assault

MIAMI – A South Florida man accused of pledging "allegiance to Allah" and threatening to kill co-workers while dressed up as the Joker is now facing charges, according to a police report.

Enrique Dominguez, of Kendall, was arrested late Friday night for aggravated assault.

Dominguez allegedly told a coworker he bought a shotgun to kill his boss before showing off ISIS execution videos.

Police said they have photos online of Dominguez dressed up as a clown with a large knife.

Dominguez was granted a $5,000 bond. Local 10 News has learned he will be placed under house arrest if he's released.

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