Haitian lawmakers meet privately Monday after runoff elections postponed

Stakeholders fear risk of pressure, intimidation following weekend protests

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – National police guarded the door where lawmakers met privately Monday in Haiti to figure out a second plan should their presidential runoff election be invalidated.

Haiti's minister of communications said the church is in the role as mediator as the Michel Martelly administration and the collective opposing politicians figure out how to go forward with the canceled elections, and who will lead the country until the results of the voting.  

That role does not come without concern.

The stakeholders fear risk of intimidation and pressure, following a weekend of protests that turned frightening and damaging.

The opposition wants Martelly to resign now, but Martelly wants to turn over the reins on the mandated date, Feb 7.

A compromise is a delicate political dance in a place where politics historically is framed by corruption and coup d'état.



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