Woman rescued after being trapped under car

Incident occured Sunday night in Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A woman is lucky to be alive after being rescued from an accident that left her pinned under a car.

The incident happened Sunday night in Hollywood near Taft Street and 72nd Avenue.

A Good Samaritan was driving home with his family when he noticed the woman trapped underneath the vehicle. Other drivers soon pulled over to help.

"All she kept saying was, 'Drive the car off me, please,'" Stephen Cutino said.

Cutino got a jack from his car and lifted the vehicle to relieve some of the pressure until paramedics arrived.

In video obtained by Local 10 News, the unidentified woman could be heard praying.

Police are investigating how the woman became trapped. Cutino said the woman insisted that it was her car that she was pinned under.  

The woman's condition was not immediately known.

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