Brutal road-rage battle goes viral on Internet

Police still looking for two combatants


Austin, Texas – A road-rage incident in the middle of a busy street in Austin, Texas has gone viral.

Video shows two men getting out of their vehicles and starting to swing at one another, but not with their fists.

One man is armed with a baseball bat while the other grabs what appears to be a pole out of the bed of his truck. At one point you can see both men swinging at each other. The video was uploaded to Twitter.

Austin police held a press conference Tuesday to address the road rage video that has been viewed thousands of times online.

Officer William Costello, with the Austin Police Department, said police are still looking at the video, and asked any witnesses to come forward with any additional information.

"It is in an open investigation so that is a possibility, if they have enough evidence, to press charges," Costello said. "(But we) have to get in touch with all the parties involved first."

So far no arrests have been made.