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Man nabbed for smuggling alcohol in underwear

Saudi citizen arrested on way back from Bahrain

(Twitter / @KsaCustoms)
(Twitter / @KsaCustoms)

SAUDI ARABIA – One man isn't finding the line "Is that a bottle of alcohol in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me" very funny these days.

The Express Tribune, a Pakistani newspaper, is reporting that a Saudi man was arrested by authorities after he was found attempting to smuggle liquor bottles in his underwear into the country where alcohol is prohibited.

The newspaper claims the Saudi Press Agency says the unidentified man was stopped by customs as he was returning from Bahrain on the King Fahd Causeway.

Inspectors reportedly found 14 bottles of alcohol strapped to the man's body by adhesive tape underneath his long robe.

According to the newspaper, the penalties for getting caught with alcohol in Saudi Arabia include a prison term and flogging.