Miami-Dade woman arrested after 9 neglected puppies die

Janet Christian, 61, rearrested Monday

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A woman is facing felony animal abuse charges after the death of nine of 10 puppies in her care that were found living in deplorable conditions.

Miami-Dade police said officers responded to what appeared to be an abandoned home at 8290 NW Second Court Dec. 15. They said they were met by Janet Christian, 61, who claimed she was being followed by an animal rescue group that was offering her $700 for her boxer/American Bulldog mix.

According to an arrest report, the home had no electricity, no running water, no furniture and no refrigerator.

Police said four of the six adult dogs were inside shopping carts and the boxer/bulldog mix was tethered on a short metal chain that was tied to a window fixture.

Officers said the dog's 10 puppies that she had given birth to within the past 24 hours were next to her.

According to the report, some of the dogs appeared to have injuries and all appeared to be malnourished.

A white poodle named Max was found in a shopping cart in a bedroom. Detectives said the dog's fur was matted, unkempt and appeared to have dry blood on it. They said the dog appeared to have an eye infection and discharge coming from both eyes.

Officers said they told Christian that her dogs appeared to be in poor health, but she said she would rather "see all the dogs dead" before giving them to the rescue group.

Detectives said Christian locked them out of her house when they stepped outside, but she was taken into custody the next day and all of the dogs were removed from her home by Miami-Dade Animal Services.

All of the dogs have since been released to the rescue group 100 Plus Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida.

Authorities said nine of the 10 puppies died due to lack of proper care. They said all of the dogs were suffering from lack of proper veterinary care, food, water and proper grooming.

Christian was re-arrested Monday and charged with 14 felony counts of animal cruelty and four misdemeanor  counts of animal cruelty.

Anyone who wishes to help the surviving dogs and puppy is asked to email the rescue group at

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