Florida Keys gets political with Washington-area tourism posters

'Donald, is that you?' poster plays off Republican candidate Donald Trump's hair

KEY WEST, Fla. – The Florida Keys is getting political during this election year.

A recent campaign funded by the Florida Keys & Key West tourism council touts the island chain in a series of posters displayed throughout the nation's capital.

"Donald, is that you?" is the headline on a large poster showing a snowy egret with windblown head plumage rising against a Florida Keys sunset.

The poster is an obvious reference to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who finished second to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in Monday's Iowa caucuses.

"It's a perfect image to play off (Trump's) challenging hair," said Dorn Martell, vice president of creative for Tinsley Advertising, which created the posters. "We once used the image before with the headline 'Bad Hair Day,' but it just seemed to translate for the political season."

The poster is one of four on display at two Washington Metro stations and trains.

"Strong response to the latest poles" is the message on a poster showing a mahi-mahi fish being reeled in by an angler on a charter fishing boat off the Keys. "Party Platform" depicts a couple holding cocktails on a balcony in Islamorada. "Swing State" shows a couple relaxing in a Big Pine Key hammock.