More charges filed against accused Pembroke Pines Peeping Tom

Victim files stay-away injunction against Pelayo Cerulia

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – More charges have been filed against a Pembroke Pines man accused of peeping into women's bedroom windows and sometimes trying to force his way inside.

Pelayo Cerulia, 43, has been in jail since December, when he was arrested on charges of burglary, battery, shooting a deadly missile into an occupied dwelling and aggravated stalking.

He now faces multiple counts of criminal mischief.

Cerulia appeared in court Tuesday to find out if he will be released on bail. He has already posted an $80,000 bond, but a judge said he must also surrender his passport before he is released.

"I require the passport to be surrendered so they can't leave, stop at the house, get their passport, stop at the airport and be gone in as many days as it takes to book a flight, which is hours," Judge Andrew Siegel said.

According to Pembroke Pines police, Cerulia approached the rear bedroom windows of the victims' homes and look inside while masturbating.

"The police are not going to catch me. I watch you every night," detectives claim Cerulia told one of the victims.

Police said Cerulia looks for women with caramel-colored skin and long dark hair. His victims have been in the communities of Windmill Lakes, Heron Pond and Gatehouse, and the Sunswept.

One of the victims has since filed a stay-away injunction against Cerulia.

Pembroke Pines police said they set up cameras in the neighborhoods to catch Cerulia in action.

According to the state, Cerulia shot out one victim's windows with a slingshot, and police found hunting rifles outside the home.

Cerulia turned himself in to authorities on Dec. 31.

Prosecutors said more charges may be filed after a woman came forward claiming that Cerulia had raped her.

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