Private investigator says getting prostitutes faster than getting pizza delivered in Hialeah

Local 10 News hidden-camera investigation uncovers sex for sale throughout city

HIALEAH, Fla. – The outside of the second-floor business boasts body treatments like thermotherapy, cryotherapy and body wraps, but a Local 10 News hidden-camera investigation clearly shows what's really going on.

Within minutes of entering, an unidentified woman had no problem stripping down to nothing and offering an undercover Local 10 News photojournalist her services, which didn't include any of those treatments.

The business is located at 3778 W. 12th Ave. in Hialeah, just doors down from a state representative's office.

Down the street, inside an office building at 1140 W. 50th St., there was a revolving door of men walking in and out of suite 302. An undercover Local 10 photojournalist was greeted by a woman in full lingerie. She told him that, for $260, he could do whatever he wants to her and offered him condoms.

At 4501 Palm Avenue, a woman greeted the Local 10 employee from behind a door in nothing more than a towel. She took him to a back room, where she said it would cost $250 for her services. When he tells her he doesn't have any cash, video shows her escorting him back to the front door, where she gave him a peep.

Not one of the women ever asked if Local 10's employee was a police officer or was even suspicious.

"I think they have been doing it for so long with no type of enforcement by law enforcement (that) there's no reason for them to be scared that they're going to be arrested," former police officer-turned-private investigator John Rode said.

Rode said he stumbled upon these places during a recent investigation and informed police several months ago of the activities.

"You can actually hook up with a prostitute faster than you can get a pizza delivered to your house," Rode said.

Rode said the women all advertise on a website called Backpage.

Local 10 investigative reporter Jeff Weinsier called one of the numbers posted on the website and within 30 seconds had the address, how much he'd be charged per hour and a picture of a woman.

Weinsier confronted the woman who works at the store that advertises body treatments. She told Weinsier that she was the cleaning woman and didn't even work there.

Local 10 wanted to show Hialeah police the hidden camera video and ask some questions about enforcement operations and undercover stings. However, Local 10 was not granted an on-camera interview.

Police asked Local 10 to send them the materials, but station policy prohibits handing over raw video.

Outside of a Hialeah City Council meeting, Police Chief Sergio Velasquez said he had no knowledge that his department was informed of the locations in the past.

"I'm not sure why no one can sit with us and watch it so we can explain what we have?" Weinsier asked Velazquez.

"Because we have our own method of conducting our investigation," the chief told Weinsier.

Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez also refused to sit down and watch Local 10's hidden camera video.

"If there is an issue or a crime, we will look into it," the mayor told Weinsier.

Local 10 News did provide Hialeah police with the addresses, but at last check they were still open for business.

"We are in receipt of the information and I will submit it to our criminal investigations division," Sgt. Carl Zogby said.