Little Haiti protesters outraged with former president

Michel Martelly steps down after 5-year presidency in Haiti

MIAMI – One by one, protesters in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood trampled over a T-shirt with an image of Haiti's now former president, Michel Martelly.

Some are outraged after Martelly made a last-minute deal with key members of parliament before his departure to setup an interim government for 120 days to be selected by top officials within the government.

Critics fear corruption and abuse of power.

Martelly stepped down after a controversial five year presidency in Haiti.

Local 10 News anchor Calvin Hughes interviewed Martelly and was there for Martelly's final moments, collecting belongings and taking photos.

Tensions are high in Haiti ahead of another presidential election set for April.

After allegations of corruption and voter fraud, already many are fighting to make sure the people legally and fairly chose their next leader.

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