Miami International Airport launches upgraded mobile app

Find flight times, order food through MIA Airport Official 2.0 app

MIAMI – Miami International Airport has launched its upgraded mobile app that will help make your travel experience easier.

The app could change the way you fly out of Miami and it is free. With the app, there is no need to look at the big board as everything you need to know will be on your phone.

Local 10 News got a tour of the terminal Tuesday to see how the mobile app works.

Airport officials said 500 Bluetooth data beacons are installed throughout the airport, which will activate when you scan your boarding pass. The app will work like a personalized travel assistant and give you walk times, flight updates and even suggest nearby shopping and dining based on your profile.

"We need to give our folks an opportunity to navigate through here in a seamless way," Emilio Gonzalez with the Miami-Dade Aviation Department said. "It will move people through here faster and efficiently."

"I did almost miss a stop on the monorail because it wasn't quite clear where I was supposed to go," Alex Shepetovsky, who was traveling to Montreal, said. "The app would be a great addition."

The MIA Airport Official 2.0 app is already being updated, and it will soon let you reserve a parking spot, and even order food and have it delivered to your terminal.

The upgraded app provides the following new features:

  • Scan your boarding pass or search for flights by destination, airline and flight number;
  • Subscribe to flight notifications and receive updates for flight, gate and baggage carousels changes, as well as an option to share your flight information;
  • Navigate airport maps with blue-dot beacon technology for detailed way-finding;
  • Powerful search engine with extensive database of amenities;
  • Visual directions with walk times to find your gate, restaurants and more; Location-aware technology that pins your location and anticipates your needs;
  • Geo-fence technology that recognizes and welcomes you, whether you’re driving or flying to MIA;
  • Customizable personal profile with the option to save your favorite shops and restaurants;
  • Weather information in Miami and throughout the world; and,
  • "Near me" feature that provides the closest dining and shopping options.