Guide dog meets Pluto at Disneyland in magical moment

ANAHEIM, Calif. – A guide dog in training for Guide Dogs of America had a truly magical moment when he visited Disneyland.

Ace ,the yellow lab, got to meet Pluto. The special meeting was captured on video and has been viewed more than 15 million times on Facebook.

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So Cute!!! Service Dog in training gets to meet his favorite character Pluto! For more visit:

Posted by Disney Dorks on Monday, February 8, 2016


Ace was at Disneyland for a socialization experience as part of his guide dog training. When he saw Pluto, he couldn't resist. The video shows Ace coming up to Pluto and licking him. You can hear his volunteer trainer, Sandy Steinblums, saying "stay" and "down," which he does.

According to a comment made by Steinblums on the video Facebook post, Ace is in training to be a guide dog for the blind.

"Ace entered his 'formal' guide dog training at the end of January. My 'job' as a volunteer was to socialize and provide him with obedience training. This was training outing and I was too far back to do a proper correction, but golly-be...he responded anyway," she said. "That is my boy and I am proud of him and love the Disney characters for being so kind and helpful!"