Classes resume at Frances S. Tucker Elementary School after stray bullet hits classroom

Classroom struck remains empty

MIAMI – Students returned to Frances S. Tucker Elementary School Friday morning, just one day after the school was placed on lockdown when a stray bullet landed in a classroom designated for students with disabilities.

Police were present Friday as parents walked their children to class. 

Cory Benvry told his daughter to "be safe [and]  try to treat it as a normal day," as he dropped her off. 

"Even though a bullet did get through, nobody got hurt, and that's the most important thing," Benvry said.

The four children who were in the portable classroom during the incident have been moved to a new room, according to Principal Annette DeGoti.

Police said someone pulled the trigger of a gun about two blocks from the school, causing the stray bullet to hit the window.

Students have clear memories of the bullet piercing the window of their classroom. 

"I was sitting at the front table," said Tavaris Williams Jr., 10, who saw the bullet land a foot away from his best friend. "We waited for the police to come and then we left and went to another classroom."

It was the second school shooting at a Miami-Dade County public school in 24 hours. 

Shots were fired  Wednesday soutside Miami Carol City Senior High School. Cedric Admas, 18, was arrested in connection with that shooting, but another man, Stanley Ragin, 19, remains at large.

Duringa news conference Thursday, Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said he was fed up with the violence.

"When chance and luck are our children's best friends in our community, something is broken," Carvalho said.