Craigslist ad posted for Prime 112 Valentine's Day weekend reservation

Someone selling reservation for $50


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Just when you thought Valentine's Day couldn't get any more commercial, someone has found a way to make even more money off love.

Someone has posted an ad on Craigslist selling a restaurant reservation on Valentine's Day weekend.

"Selling our 8:30 pm reservation at Prime 112 in Miami," the post reads. "They no longer have any reservations available on Saturday night, so here is your chance! Surprise your date with a perfectly timed reservation at the hottest restaurant in town! PayPal only. Will give you name to check in for "your" reservation - can also try to change the name on the reservation if they will allow. Reservation is for 2 people at Prime 112 Steakhouse at 8:30 pm on Saturday Feb 13."

Of course, Valentine's Day is Feb. 14, but love can't be bothered by such details.

Prime 112 opens Friday at noon. Local 10 News will place a call then to see if the restaurant will honor such a transaction.