Active white supremacist groups in Florida

Southern Poverty Law Center releases 2015 report on hate and extremism


Volusia County Beach Safety officers found Kenneth Morgan Stancil III sleeping on the beach. 

Stancil was covered in white supremacist tattoos. And during an interview in April with WRAL, he said he was a neo-Nazi who hated gay people with a passion and admitted to killings. Stancil was hiding in Daytona Beach after killing Ron Lane, 44, in North Carolina. 

"I try to look out for my fellow white people as much as possible," Stancil said. "You understand? And, I don't believe in race mixing."

There were 17 active hate groups who believe in the inferiority of Jews, African-Americans and Latinos in Florida last year, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center report released Wednesday. 

The groups were classified as the racist skin heads, who tend to be violent, the neo-Nazi, who romanticize Nazi Germany and the white nationalists, who have separatist ideologies. 

Five out of the 94 active neo-Nazi groups in the country were in Florida. Two groups were The Gallows Tree Wotansvolk Alliance in Panama City Beach and Tallahassee. There were two others that  were from the National Socialist Movement and one from the Sadistic Souls Motorcycle Club.

Five out of the 95 active white nationalist groups in the country were in Florida. The American Freedom Party had groups in Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch. The Renegade Broadcasting had a group in Sorrento. The Stormfront was active in West Palm Beach. And the White Advocacy Movement was active statewide.

Seven out of the 95 active racist skinheads in the country were in Florida. The Aryan Strikeforce, The Aryan Terror Brigade, The Blood and Honour Social Club, Crew 38, Florida United and the Vinlanders had a presence in Florida. The Confederate Hammerskins were active in Jacksonville and Florida United was in St. Cloud. 


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