Officer-involved shooting controversy leads to Homestead city council walk-out

Ofc. Anthony Green involved in 6 shootings, 3 deaths

HOMESTEAD – A discussion about a police-involved shooting caused two members of the Homestead Council to walk of a recent meeting.

"This is ridiculous," Mayor Jeff Porter said before stepping away from the dais with Councilman Jimmie Williams.

The pair later returned to the dais and apologized.

"We just needed to take a little breath there," Porter said.

The chaos was sparked when Edward Foster III’s family demanded answers about his shooting death in July.

Foster was shot and killed by Homestead Police Department Ofc. Anthony Green as he walked home from a store.

"We’re not anti-police, we just want a clear federal investigation," said Crystal Foster, who spoke with Local 10 News reporter Bob Norman on Tuesday.

A witness told Local 10 News that right before the shooting Green was down on his knees with his hands in the air.

“We saw him fall, but I don’t know if he had a gun or not,” the witness said.

Police said that a handgun was recovered near Foster’s body, who had criminal charges in his background including attempted murder and armed robbery.

"My brother’s hands were up on his knees, begging for forgiveness and this officer didn’t even get out of his vehicle," said Crystal Foster.

The family pointed out that in Green’s 20-year career, he has been involved in six shootings, three of which have resulted in deaths. Green has been cleared of wrongdoing in those cases.

The Miami-Dade County Police Department is currently investing Foster’s case.

"My brother never killed anyone Officer Anthony Green has killed multiple times in one small community," Crystal Foster said.  

Foster’s family is calling for body cameras for Homestead officers.

"You have one officer with so many kills, why don’t they have any protection? It’s not just protecting us; it’s protecting them as well," said Crystal Foster.