'Barefoot burglar' arrested in Miami Beach

Sleeping homeowner finds man standing over him, police say

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A man known as the "barefoot burglar" was arrested Thursday morning after he broke into a Miami Beach home with a couple and their two young children inside, authorities said.

John Carlos Cairo, 19, is facing two two counts of burglary on allegations that he broke into the victims' black Bentley in their driveway on Prairie Avenue before entering their home.

Miami Beach police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez said Cairo got his nickname because he has committed similar burglaries and always removes his shoes once he is inside the home.

"When our investigators started interviewing him, he apparently has no shame in this," Rodriguez said. "He gave himself the title of barefoot burglar and advised us that he would be receiving media attention."

According to an arrest report, Cairo broke into the home through a family room window and left his tennis shoes on the couch.

He went upstairs to the couple's bedroom and stood over the sleeping homeowner, awakening him, police said.

The man told police that he screamed and chased Cairo out of the house, but lost track of him on 45th Street.

Their two young sons were sleeping in a separate bedroom with their door open.

According to the report, Cairo, who was carrying a black backpack, attempted to run out the front door, but it was locked, so he jumped through the window that he used to enter the house.

His wife's purse, wallet and cellphone were stolen, along with his credit card.

Police said they found Cairo in front of another home on Pine Tree Drive. They said he spotted their K-9, immediately put his hands up and dropped a small brown wallet that belongs to the man's wife.

The man's credit card was found on his patio and the backpack was found by their living room window, police said.

Police said the wife's purse was found in the front yard of a home on Post Avenue.

Records show that Cairo is on probation for a previous burglary. He is also believed to be responsible for three other burglaries reported from Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

Detectives said he was also arrested just two days ago on drug charges.

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